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We put the inspiration in to help you get the Aspirations Out…

    “Our mission is all about providing inspiration to raise aspirations and to show students the opportunities they have in front of them.

  • Opportunity to see the amazing jobs they can work in
  • Opportunity to make more informed decisions about their careers and lifestyles
  • Opportunity to see there is more to the world than the housing estate they live within
  • Opportunity to see that exam results don’t define who they are or who they should be

Everything we do is about OPPORTUNITY

    At Medical Mavericks we are opening the door to the world around the students we see, just enough so they can get a tantilising taste that will drive their ambition and inspire them to find out more. If they want it, they will kick down the door to open it further and do what ever it takes to run through it into a world they never thought possible.

    Our workshops support you, as a teacher, in getting students to want to go to school and get excited by school, education and their future. We provide the best equipment, staff and opportunity to do this.

    We know it only takes one spark, one moment in a student’s school life that will change the rest of their life.”


Tom Warrender – Head Honcho of Inspiration at Medical Mavericks

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We put the INSPIRATION IN, so you can get the ASPIRATIONS OUT!