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Medical workshops at the top…. Sports Science towards the bottom

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Andy ECG Retina

Most Popular Workshop!

Year Group – 9 & up
Duration – 50-70minutes
Repeats – 4-6 times in a day
No Students: 30-40 per workshop

Hands on workshop where you can take blood, record and print an ECG, try keyhole surgery, see inside your body with an ultrasound machine and take a picture of the inside of your eye! Introduces dozens of careers in the NHS to your students!

Goggles Edited

Year Group – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Duration – 50-70minutes
Repeats – 4-6 times in a day
No Students: 30-40 per workshop

Hands on workshop using real medical kit in the classroom to promote healthy lifestyles. Topics include: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, fitness & cancer. Students get to record an ECG from their heart, measure their lung volume, monitor carbon monoxide levels and experience ageing in an ageing suit!

Tom as his alter ego, The Human Guinea Pig

Year Group – 9 & up
Duration – 50-70minutes
Repeats – 1-3 repeats in a day
No Students: As many as you can fit in your hall!

A live stage show that introduces students to alternative careers in the NHS. The show includes amazing live demos where Tom performs medical procedures on volunteers from the audience and shows them awesome video footage of the inside of his body!


Year Group – 9 – 13 (& above)
Duration: Whole day, half day or 2 hours
Repeats – 1-3 repeats in a day
No Students: Up to 50

A more advanced and in depth workshop including loads of data collection, analysis & diagnosis. Perfect for G&T students as well as BTEC and A-Level courses. Activities include measuring blood vessel diameter & circumferences with an ultrasound, lung volumes, respiration rates, taking fake blood and recording an ECG!

Watt Bike Epic Face Edited2

Year Group: 5 – 13 (& above!)
Duration: 50-70 minutes
Repeats – 4-6 repeats in a day

See how your students compare to some of the world’s greatest athletes with 10 amazing sports science tests! Race a virtual Usain Bolt, test your reactions on a BATAK wall, test strength, record ball throwing speed and much more!


Year Group: 10-13
(GCSE, BTEC, A-Level)
Duration:  2 hours – half a day
Repeats – 1-3 repeats in a day

This workshop is linked to all the key GCSE, BTEC & A-level spec and includes the 10 challenges from Challenge the Champions as well as additional physiological tests including: ultrasound imaging of muscles and bones, recording lung volumes and respiration rates, record and print ECGs and EMGs and much much more.

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