Here are all the awesome resources we mention in our book, Classroom to Clinic.

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Chapter 4 - Physiology - Baby hears for 1st time with hearing aid.

Check out the moment this 7 week old baby hears for the 1st time as his hearing aid is fitted!

Chapter 5 - Life Sciences - Tom's sputum sample

As part of a study into asthma, Tom had to produce a sputum sample. This is not an easy thing to do if you are a healthy individual! Tom had to breath in a saline (salt water) vapour to help him 'hock' it up. be warned if you're grossed out by spit!

Chapter 6 - Medical Physics & Engineering - A day in the life of a Clinical Photographer

Did you know the NHS employs photographers?! Check out what they get up to in the daily work in this short video and interview.

Chapter 9 - Jargon & Lingo - Our fave PhD / Doctor meme...

Chapter 11 - Standing out from the crowd - Movie Storyboard

To help you create your own CV movie, plan it out on an storyboard. We've put one together for you as a PDF. Just download and print it off to plan out your video.

Chapter 14 - Pass your exam in 90 minutes - Your sign and timetable

You can download this sign to put on your door to stop you being disturbed whilst you are studying and a blank study scheduler to plan your revision on.

Study Scheduler

Black & White Do Not Disturb Sign

Colour Do Not Disturb Sign

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