COVID and Our Workshops

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Medical Career Inspiration Pack

Workshops until December 2020

We know bringing an external provider into school is going to be difficult for you at the moment, but we are here, ready, willing and able to help you inspire your students right now.

If you want to book us any time between Sept and December 2020 you have to call us on (01902) 595 089.

Medical Career Inspiration Pack

Workshops January 2021 onwards

However we know that 2021 is a more realistic timescale for a visit from us and to help with planning our movements, maintaining our kit and keeping everyone as safe, we are setting up a UK Tour for our standard workshop days for 2021.

This means you wont be able to pick up the phone and book us for any random date in 2021.

Your town and region will have between 5 and 10 dates to choose from, meaning availability will be extremely limited to a few lucky schools.

The dates for the tour will be released around October / November time, but you can register to be on the Early Bird notification list for when they are released.

Just to be clear, by signing up as an Early Bird, you are NOT committing to making an actual booking!

You’re just raising your hand and saying ‘Hey Tom… we’re thinking about booking your workshops, let me know when you’re in town so we can see what’s what!’

Once you’ve signed up, I’ll keep in touch with launch dates and give you 1st dibs on booking your day. Sign up at the bottom of this page.

Click to learn more about our STANDARD DAY and
Become an EARLY BIRD for our 2021 Tour

Early Bird Waiting List & Enquire

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Or you can give us a call on the phone: (01902) 595 089