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6 steps to your free day with MedicFest

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The Deal

Here's the basic deal

We use your school as a host venue for our MedicFest event during term time or school holidays (or both!) and in return you get a free day of our standard (but equally awesome) Careers in health medical workshop OR our Challenge the Champions sports science workshop just for your students.

Step 1

What's in a MedicFest?

MedicFest is a whole day event for up to 120 students that introduces the huge range or brilliant careers in the NHS that are accessible with levels 9-4 at GCSE.

The day kicks off with a show to all 120 students before they move into one of 3 workshops running at the same time where they get to use real medical kit! They rotate round these on a carousel basis over the remainder of the day.

Step 2

Who can come to MedicFest and how much is it?

It is suitable for years 9 to 13 and there are 120 tickets available. They are priced at £34 incl VAT. Your school gets 1st dibs on these before any sale to local schools. Your school can buy 1 ticket or all 120, there is no minimum!

Some schools just want the event for their MAT schools, others want to share the opportunity with schools in their region. Anything goes!

Step 3

What does a school need to supply as a host venue?

We need a hall or auditorium type space with AV facilities for the talk at the start of the day. For the workshops we need 3 spaces big enough for up to 40 students and 10 tables in each room.

Anything from science labs, to classroom, gyms, sports halls… we’ve worked in all sorts of classrooms! A space for visitors to eat their packed lunch would also be great.

Step 4

When can we book a medicFest?

We have split the country up in to regions and allocated certain weeks of the year to each one. So, you have to book it when we are in your region, meaning there are only 10-15 opportunities throughout the year. Dates can be discussed on the Discovery Call.

Step 5

When can we have our free day?

Your free day usually takes place the day before or day after our MedicFest event. If you book a holiday time MedicFest we will discuss when we will visit with your free day.

Step 6

Book a discovery call

The Discovery Call is an informal chat about the event and to answer any questions you might have. We share the dates we have available with you and then send you an email with all the info you can share with your colleagues. There is no hard sell or commitment on your behalf, we’re just seeing if it is possible.

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