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Medical Career Inspiration Pack
Step 1

Do you recognise these students at your school?

Student 1

Wants to be a doctor – Will become a doctor

Student 2

Wants to be a doctor – Won’t get the grades

Student 3

Parents want them to become a doctor

Student 4

Think the NHS is all about doctors & nurses

Student 5

Don’t have a clue what they want to do

Student 6

Don’t think they are good enough

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Medical Career Inspiration Pack
Step 2

Get Your Free Career Inspiration Starter Pack

10 posters, PDF copy of our Book and a video assembly. Just click and download. No need to leave your details!

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Medical Mavericks book
Step 3

1 Year of Medical Careers Resources

Get a new set of resources every term so you can run a whole years worth of careers guidance based on medical careers.

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Medical Mavericks workshops
Step 4


Check out what other teachers think of us when we visit their schools with our workshops and why they rate us 5/5, 10/10, A*!

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Medical Mavericks workshops
Step 5

SCHOOL VISITS - Bring a REAL hospital to your school!

Discover how you can host an amazing MedicFest at your school and get a FREE day of workshops for your students. You can also explore our standard, but also awesome, workshops here too.

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Medical Mavericks TV
Step 6

Tickets and Tour Dates

Inspire your students and bring them to a MedicFest event! See when we are near you and buy tickets here!

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Medical Mavericks workshops
Step 7

Teacher FAQ Hub

Got a question about MedicFest, Workshops or our resources? We’ve got the answers to your questions here.

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