Human Guinea Pig Show.

Year groups

9 & up


50-70 minutes


times a day

No. of students

As many as you want
a session

What's in the workshopshow?

This is a whirlwind trip through the NHS to discover some of the amazing careers your students never knew existed!

During the show, Tom shows your students some of the draw dropping video footage of the medical tests he has been through…. just for the fun of it! You get to see what happens to blood in a lab, why he breathed in a lung full of carbon monoxide… as well as seeing the inside of his lungs during a bronchoscopy.

There are loads of exciting live demos too. Tom asks for some willing volunteers to take part in some medical tests on the stage including recording an ECG from their heart, looking inside their body with an ultrasound and performing a live video stream from the inside of someone’s eye!!!

Human Guinea Pig Show 01
Human Guinea Pig Show 02

What careers does the workshopshow cover?

The show focuses on careers from Healthcare Science. There are over 50 careers in this area and they pretty much all require A-C grades at GCSE in Maths, English and Science, making them accessible to loads of your students.

It’s not all about patient based careers either. Tom covers Medical Engineering, Lab Science, Bioinformatics, Medical Physics and of course, Physiology, meaning there is something for everyone in the show.

Who is it for & how does it work?

The show is perfect for year 9s and up.

We can see as many students as you can fit into your hall per show and repeat the show 2-3 times over the day.

All we need is access to a projector and sound in what ever space you put us in!

If you want a couple of hands on workshops after show, just ask when you enquire.

Human Guinea Pig Show 03

How do I book?

Fill in the form below and we will send you a proposal for a day of awesomeness at your school!

If you want to speak to us, just call (01902) 595 089.