Mini Medics.

Year groups

9 – 13 (& above)


Whole day, half day or 2 hours


times a day

No. of students

Up to 50
a session

What's in the workshopshow?

The Mini Medics Day is perfect for high achievers, Gifted & Talented, aspiring medics, or even A-Level and BTEC courses in Biology & Applied Science.

The workshop can be customised to your school day, depending on your requirements with options for:

– 2 hour workshops on repeat (2-3 times in a day)

– half day (repeated twice) or even…

– A full day workshop

We can see 50 or so students in this session as we have longer to work with them, so they all get plenty of time to take part and collect their data.

Mini Medics 01
Mini Medics 02

What careers does the workshopshow cover?

We know the most common answer to ‘what careers do you know about in the NHS?’ comes with the answer: doctor, nurse, physio, dentist, midwife… or as well call it the Holy Quintet!

So, in the workshop students can find out about these BUT we focus on the lesser known careers such as biomedical science, healthcare science, medical engineering, medical physics, physiology, bioinformatics and many more.

That isn’t the best part. We show students that many of the careers are accessible with levels 9-4 at GCSE too!

Who is it for & how does it work?

Mini Medics contains pretty much every single medical activity we have with loads more in depth analysis and data collection, compared to our standard Careers in Health workshop (which is still awesome). Activities include:

– Using an ultrasound machine to see inside their body

– Advanced test: Taking measurements of artery and vein diameter, circumference & area with the ultrasound machine

– Recording and printing their own ECG

Advanced Test: Calculating the angle of the heart in their chest from their ECG traces

– See inside their eye with an ophthalmoscope attached to an iPhone

– Experience key hole surgery using a key hole training device used by real surgeons

– Take blood from a fake arm using a real needle

- Try suturing fake skin

- Record respiration rates

- See their veins with an infrared vein scanner

All the activities are linked to careers in the health service so your students can get a wider view of the careers available to them.

Then there is our Career Zone, which we set up in the classroom. This is a an amazing series of posters and stands that have info on how to become a Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse as well as the less well known (but totally amazing) Healthcare Science. Students can look at these throughout the day and ask our fab team for more info and guidance.

Mini Medics 03

How do I book?

Fill in the form below and we will send you a proposal for a day of awesomeness at your school!

If you want to speak to us, just call (01902) 595 089.